Just say no…… (it’s hard but go for it!)

I have just had this emailed to me by one of those companies who try and sell you membership of a writing club and instead of just hitting delete I thought I’d share it with you…. (Tracy)

Academics are busy people. And because we are very busy people, we inevitably have times when we face more requests for our time and energy than we can possibly fulfill. We therefore all need to learn how to say “no.” Remember that
whenever we say ‘yes’ when we really want to say “no,” we end up feeling powerless, resentful, overworked, stressed, and endlessly tired. Here is some good advice about developing a new mindset about saying “no.”

“Saying no may be completely uncharted territory – you’re a master of ‘yes’ and a novice of ‘no.’ Before answering with a yes to anybody, you must think critically about the request and ask yourself the following questions:

* Do I have the time?

* Will I feel pressured to get it done?

* Will I be upset with myself?

* Will I feel duped, had, or swindled?

* What do I have to give up to do that?

* What ca n I gain? What is in it for me?”

–The Book of No: 250 Ways to Say It – and Mean It – and Stop People-Pleasing Forever, Susan Newman, Ph.D., page 9

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  1. Saying ‘no’ is hard if you have an intense fear of letting opportunities slip by! Every time I get an email about an opportunity – even if it’s completely unrelated to what I’m doing – I feel compelled to find out how I can get involved…

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