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I was talking yesterday to Tracy about recent trends in the style and layout of an academic CV. After a meeting with a guy at the careers centre (is this right Tracy?), it seemed that things were all change in the world of the academic CV. A front page bullet-pointing your main qualities/skills and the examples that show them? Appendices listing publications and conferences presented at? These things are all part of the wider landscape of building a reputation as an academic – something that’s more and more influenced by the digital networks we’re creating and engaging in.

I’ve just been reading this great article on the Thesis Whisperer (if you haven’t checked this blog out, it’s well worth a look – I’ve put it in the blogroll) all about the internet presence you carve out for yourself as an academic – something as important as your paper CV. Click here to read it. It seems like the importance of this is only going to grow. Could this be the subject of a mini-workshop we do at the next DTP group. Let me know if it’s interesting to you…


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  1. Hi Mona
    That would be a great workshop – I went to a conference last week and they encouraged tweeting. I have a twitter account and was wondering about using this more effectively. Any suggestions or ideas?

    • Hmm good question – I’ve just signed up for a twitter account but it’s more about arts & crafts than PhD life (need to sort my priorities). I think we should look out for academics who are doing good things with their twitter accounts and then try and work out what it is we like about their tweets, then do something similar. This could definitely be an exercise for a future workshop!

  2. I was on Twitter and followed a few academics, however they seemed to be in one of 2 camps… 1) post everything and anything about personal and professional life or 2) trying to sell me something! I have to admit I did get bored of it to be honest and have come off for a while…

    re the CV, I will write up the notes/comments from Dan and post them here next week!

    • Thanks Tracy – re: CV, it sounded like it could be really useful. I need to get more into twitter – I’m still a bit terrified of it to be honest. I get the feeling it’s for people that are constantly online through their phone and stuff, whereas I’m a bit behind in this respect…

  3. yeah Twitter only really works if you devote your life to it!

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