CV advice from ‘Dan the Man’ in Careers…

ok guys, as promised, here is a brief run down of what Dan in careers suggests our academic CVs should look like…


1) limit it to 2 pages maximum!

2) First page is highlighting your skills and achievements, you can do this in one of 2 ways…

  • have the following headings ; research, communication, planning, teamwork, problem solving and IT.  Then beneath each heading put 2 or 3 bullet points to show/evidence your skills in that area.  These can be from employment, education or community activities


  • have the following headings; Research, teaching, administration.  Then beneath each have 3 or 4 bullet points as per above…

3) Second Page is where you list your education (up to half  a page) and then your employment (just name of company, dates and job title) for up to a third of a page….

4) appendices are your friend!  in addition to the 2 page synopsis CV you can have as many appendices as you like, it was suggested one each for publications, conferences attended/presented at (and you can include workshops) and of course a one page synopsis of your PhD!


Hope this has helped, the careers centre are happy to see us guys, just email and ask for an appointment.  I had 45 mins of chatting through options and my CV and it was really useful!





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  1. Sorry to only just be getting involved with this blog…I am now back in the office and really appreciate all this info! Thanks for the CV tips Tracy. Were you asking Dan about writing a CV for lecturing or post-doc research positions? Or does this apply to both? I’ve not heard about using appendices within your CV before. Thank you 🙂

  2. Hi,

    its for both lecturing and research, you just put more emphasis on either within the skills/achievements to suit which position you are after and the appendices apply to both…. apparently some seasoned academics have pages and pages of appendices with all the publications etc! scary!

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