saying ‘no’ again

If you didn’t take note when Tracy taught us about the importance of saying no, I’ve found another post on the topic. Scarily it comes from a website called ‘Zenhabits’ which I’m not sure sounds very b1o1-esque, but despite this, it does have some useful tips about how to actually say ‘no’ i.e. the words you can say instead while still very much meaning NO.

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a look into the distant future…

One day… no, really, one day… we will come to the end of our PhDs!

And after thinking millions of thoughts and writing thousands of words, there will still be one job left to do. The dedication and acknowledgements. I know, I know… this might read as some sort of cruel joke given how, for many of us, this is miles away (light years), but I thought I’d lead you to an article (click me) on the Sussex Doctoral School blog all about writing those very final words… After all, it’s a bit of a motivator to think about getting to that stage.

And, let’s be honest, it’s a distraction from the real task, and when has that ever been a bad thing?  


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Just say no…… (it’s hard but go for it!)

I have just had this emailed to me by one of those companies who try and sell you membership of a writing club and instead of just hitting delete I thought I’d share it with you…. (Tracy)

Academics are busy people. And because we are very busy people, we inevitably have times when we face more requests for our time and energy than we can possibly fulfill. We therefore all need to learn how to say “no.” Remember that
whenever we say ‘yes’ when we really want to say “no,” we end up feeling powerless, resentful, overworked, stressed, and endlessly tired. Here is some good advice about developing a new mindset about saying “no.”

“Saying no may be completely uncharted territory – you’re a master of ‘yes’ and a novice of ‘no.’ Before answering with a yes to anybody, you must think critically about the request and ask yourself the following questions:

* Do I have the time?

* Will I feel pressured to get it done?

* Will I be upset with myself?

* Will I feel duped, had, or swindled?

* What do I have to give up to do that?

* What ca n I gain? What is in it for me?”

–The Book of No: 250 Ways to Say It – and Mean It – and Stop People-Pleasing Forever, Susan Newman, Ph.D., page 9

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b101 – meet the 21st century

Dear inhabitants of b101,

I have dragged us into the wonders of the modern world. We now share a blog together – a place to make and remake our collective wisdom (this sounds as wishy washy as my thesis topic). If we want to be grounded about it (where’s the fun in that I ask) then it’s basically a place in cyberspace for us to exchange random stuff that may be useful, or just plain funny.

Any other readers, you are welcome to come along on the journey of our spectacular phds. You never know, there may be something helpful or amusing for you here too…



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