Russian Pirate Salad

As requested here is the recipe for the Russian Salad we had at the picnic. It is dead easy to make but takes a while and quite a few saucepans…

100g peas

100g green beans

6 cauliflower florets

2 potatoes

2 carrots

1 cooked beetroot

1 egg (hard-boiled and shelled)


Dice the vegetables and cook in separate pans of boiling water until al dente. Drain well and place all the vegetables in a large bowl. Dice the cooked beetroot and the hard-boiled egg and add these to the bowl. Stir in enough mayonnaise (a couple of tablespoons) to form a soft mixture. Chill in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours before serving.

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Group outing next week: From Emma D

DTP Picnic event

Hi everyone

I tried to attach the picnic flyer here… think I might need technical support

But hope you are all looking forward to it

See you Tuesday

Emma D

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